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Apparently you spend 25 years of your life in bed and some of the best conversations you'll ever have happen between the sheets. It's comfy, cosy and chilled out. So come join us in ours! In Bed with Aaron and Helene is a new podcast hosted by a young couple obsessed with all things fighting, family and food related. Mixed in with a bit of a culture clash and recorded all from the comfort of the bedroom and voila! You have the IBAHpod!
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Family, Friends, Fighting and Food

Aug 28, 2016

So we just got back from St Malo in Brittany, France where we've absolutely stuffed our faces and forgotten about all athletic aspirations for a week.

Today we review all the highlights on those indulgences, from meat, cheese and bread to dessert we cover it all. Top tip: maybe don't listen to this during a weight cut or training camp. Or maybe do? I guess it depends on what you're into!

As we recorded this the morning of the same day we released it, we also had time to catch up on the latest UFC events which saw Carlos Condit face Demian Maia as well as a few other highlights.

It's good to be back, and it's good to be getting a new episode out for you all!

Aug 19, 2016

We finally got him. THE Micah joins us on this special episode of the podcast.

As he's been staying with us before he heads of to University to study film, the filmmaker in the family talks all the usual topics with Helene and Aaron.

We hear about his return to Brazilian jiu jitsu (after continuous pressure from our hosts),  injuries, grave wounds, Facebook etiquette and bodily functions this time around. We also hear about that funny time the police raided Aaron's house while Micah was visiting a few years back.

It's a very random episode as usual so we hope it entertains!


Aug 13, 2016


Well...not quite, but close enough. Sakuraba is the nickname for a training partner and close friend of Helene and Aaron, and joins them as a special guest this episode.

As you may imagine, it's full of classic stories about BJJ, our mutual friend and coach Luiz "Manxinha" Ribeiro and Yoga. Namaste.

Originally we wanted Saku on to talk about the before mentioned yoga and how it's greatly helped his overall Jiu Jitsu game, but as you might imagine, we get pretty sidetracked with lots of other good stuff.

Anyone who knows "Sexyraba" will know his dry sense of humour, intelligent insights and way with words make him a great conversationalist, and those of you who don't; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Aug 6, 2016

We're back! This time with a special guest in the form of BJJ brown belt, Natalia Carriello.

The daughter of well respected Brazilian Blackbelt Eduardo Carriello, Natalia has been immersed in the sport from a young age. Experiencing the sport at home as much as on the mats, Natalia brings a unique perspective to training (hint, it's all about playing and dancing!).

Not only is was she the first person to show Aaron really what BJJ is all about, we hit her with few key questions, learn about the challenges of women's jiu jitsu (Helene will agree, finding opponents can be a challenge) and what to do when someone finds your BJJ diary!