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Apparently you spend 25 years of your life in bed and some of the best conversations you'll ever have happen between the sheets. It's comfy, cosy and chilled out. So come join us in ours! In Bed with Aaron and Helene is a new podcast hosted by a young couple obsessed with all things fighting, family and food related. Mixed in with a bit of a culture clash and recorded all from the comfort of the bedroom and voila! You have the IBAHpod!
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Family, Friends, Fighting and Food

Oct 30, 2016

This episode of the podcast is all about the apocalypse. Well...the apocalypse and jiu jitsu among other things.

On our recent trip to the US we ended up binge watching 4 seasons of The Walking Dead with Aaron's mom. We ended up hooked.

But watching the show, we found ourselves asking a lot of questions. What would we do? Who would we save? How would we act? It made for some pretty interesting conversations on survival and what's really important.

Of course, we also cover the recent grading at LFF where Helene was awarded her purple belt by the coach.


Oct 22, 2016

Today's episode we cover the past week where we went down to support the team at the London International Open here in the UK. 

As part of the growing women's team at LFF, Helene gives her insight on the stresses and strains of coaching the new team, and the effects that competition can have on everyone, usually in quite  different ways.

The core of this episode is that internal argument between discipline and motivation. Do they always go hand in hand? Which should you feed more, if any? What do you do when one goes away for a period of time? These are all things we go through regularly, and hopefully you will understand what we mean as we explore it a little in this episode.


Oct 15, 2016

We're back!

After 3 weeks away, the podcast returns for a very food heavy episode, just the way we like it.

We review where to go and what to eat at some of our favourite spots during our trip. We started off in Los Angeles and made our way down to San Diego in our quest for the best taco we could find.

Family time also played a big part of the trip, as did dogs, cats, politics and even The Walking Dead...

To be honest, we did so much we couldn't even fit it into this episode! It was a great trip but it's still so good being back home.